Fellowship of Christian Writers

August 12, 2014  7 p.m.

(Always on the 2nd Tues of the month)

Tara Lynn Thompson

"Techniques of Creative Writing workshop"

Tara says, "Every person has a story. Every business, too. Even every product. This is what makes your product or service wanted. What makes you unique. What makes you...you.

 I can help you find that story. To discover it, unearth it, then tell it like no one's heard it before. Through content and inbound marketing, together we can show the world your story, and in doing so, watch your story become part of theirs."

Life is a great story, one that requires verbs, adjectives, and a few made up words just to keep people guessing, Tara Lynn Thompson says. Her descriptive writing, whether in magazine articles, columns, advertising copy, social media communication, or business promotional products, pushes the boundaries of what was, what has always been, and what possibilities are waiting in business communication.

With a background in print journalism, Tara Lynn spent over a decade developing a specialty in interviewing skills that has given her a sharp, if not sometimes uncanny, insight into her reading audience. What motivates them, what intrigues them, what compels them to act, these are a few of the mysteries she now unravels for her clients.

In 2007, Tara Lynn launched Tara Lynn Creative, a creative writing business, with a singular goal – turn the business world of words upside down. Every business is comprised of people and people always respond to a great story, she says.

Tara Lynn is passionate about telling those stories like they’ve never been told before. Her words have been quoted in several national publications, such as The Washington Times, Fox Business, AOL News and others, and her unique writing with that distinctive twist of lime has allowed her to write for many prominent clients, such as Donald Trump, Jr. and Marley Majcher, the Party Goddess in L.A.

Tara will be presenting a workshop, so bring notepad & pencils or your laptop or tablet. We will be writing.

Hope to see everyone at the August meeting.

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We meet at Kirk of the Hills Church, on 61st near Yale, 4102 E Yale, Tulsa, Ok.


For more information, email Lavon Lewis at llewis2138@sbcglobal.net or call her home at 918-256-2138 or the day of the meeting on her cell 918-244-6700





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