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April 14, 2015  7 p.m.

(Always on the 2nd Tues of the month)

FCW Annual Night of Sharing


For several years Mardell “Mutt” Potter was a member of this group. Mutt was an older gentleman, tall, seldom speaking, and a bit of a curmudgeon. Mutt entered all our contests, both poetry and prose. His writing was warm and often endearing. In spite of insistent urgings from several of our members, Mutt absolutely refused to submit his work for publication. He wrote for his own pleasure, and perhaps for therapy, especially after the death of his wife.

After our May meeting in 2000, Mutt said to me, “Trudy, I don’t feel like I really know anyone. I hear people say what they have sold or what has been rejected but I don’t know their writing. I feel like I can’t really know them without knowing their writing.”

The seed of an idea took root in my mind — what about a meeting when we just shared ourselves through our own writing? Mutt died that July before we had our first Night of Sharing in September 2000.

Everyone liked the program and we decided to make it an annual event. Our second Night of Sharing was scheduled for Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  We didn’t meet on that tragic day in history, 9-11. Many stayed home to grieve. Others went to prayer meetings. The program was rescheduled for January 2002. Though the month has changed, we have enjoyed the Annual Night of Sharing through the years, thanks to the observation of Mutt Potter and Trudy’s solution

We look forward to seeing you at this meeting. We know you will enjoy it.

We meet at Kirk of the Hills Church, on 61st near Yale, 4102 E Yale, Tulsa, Ok.


For more information, email Lavon Lewis at lavon.lewis@gmail.com or call 918-244-6700.

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